Summer Art Camp



Cost: $250/session or $200 for Museum Members

The registration button will take you to You may wish to register with Active prior to camps opening. 


Memberships at the Household level and higher allow families to receive early priority registration, discounted rates to Summer Art Camps and many other Museum benefits. Become a member before you register.

Museum Membership is still available if you would like to receive benefits after general registration begins. Call the museum at 701.777.3599 for more information.


Your donations are directly used in two ways:
Keeping camp fees reasonable while providing high quality art experience and to provide scholarships for those in financial need. Your contributions help keep camp accessible for all.

Call 701-777-4195 to help keep art alive in our community!


The Museum is dedicated to making art accessible to all children in our community. To meet this goal the Museum provides scholarships to those in need. Although we would like to assist everyone, scholarships are limited, and early applications are encouraged. Please submit your application as soon as possible.


Camp Location: Hughes Fine Arts Center, Room 111

Drop Off Time: 8:45 – 9:00 am
Pick Up Time: 3:00 – 3:15 pm

Ages 6 – 13

Parking is located in the Hughes Fine Arts Center lot

Lunches and Snacks:
Each camper must bring their lunch.
Please note there is no access to refrigeration or heating appliances. Campers cannot be allowed to use vending machines. Snacks will be provided by the Museum once a day, e.g., a juice box and serving-size bag of chips.

We appreciate that some parents offer to supply snacks for the day. If you wish to do this, please let us know a day in advance.

Suggestions to Pack:
Ask your camper(s) to wear appropriate clothes that can get stained. After all, this is an art-making camp and we’ll be getting messy.

Each camper is assigned a locker. You may wish to consider packing a sweater or light jacket (air conditioning in the building can get cool), comfortable shoes for standing, walking, and playing outside, hat or sunglasses, and sunscreen. Please mark all items. Leftover items are donated at the end of each camp.

On Fridays at 2:00 pm the campers design and hold a brief reception and art show for parents, friends, and family. Park in the same area that you drop them off in the morning. The campers are proud of their week’s work. We encourage you to show your support by attending the reception. This is also a time for you to meet the teaching artist, Museum staff, and all the other campers and families that make camps possible. Please prepare to take home the artwork at 3:00 pm, after the reception. You will want to bring your camera.

Thank you to our Reception Sponsor
for providing a pizza party at the end of every week!

Thank you to our Musical Instrument Sponsor
for Rhythm and Rhymes: A Musical Journey with Sam Sharpe!


Special thanks to the UND DEPARTMENT OF ART AND DESIGN for over 25 years of support!

Individual Sponsorships:

Jay Matthews
Mara Jiran
Robin Landwehr
Kate and Chris Douthit
Annika and Radomir Mitic
Connie Nelson

Laura and Brandon Cobb
Kristi and Brent Hall-Jiran
Mathew Torgerson
Sandra and Richard Van Eck
Sadie and Jay Gilbraith


June 10 – 14, 2024


Cosplay Quest

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the fantastical realms of cosplay with “Cosplay Quest” led by Emmalyn Danielson. Throughout this thrilling week-long adventure, campers will immerse themselves in the art of crafting and portraying their favorite characters from the realms of fantasy, science fiction, and beyond. Under Emmalyn’s expert guidance, they’ll explore a variety of techniques, from costume design and prop construction to character portrayal and performance.

Safety is paramount, with careful supervision ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all. Campers will unleash their creativity as they bring their cosplay visions to life, using a diverse array of materials and tools to craft intricate costumes and props. The week culminates in a grand cosplay showcase, where campers can flaunt their creations and embody the characters they’ve meticulously brought to life. “Cosplay Quest” isn’t just about crafting costumes—it’s about embracing imagination, fostering creativity, and embarking on an unforgettable adventure through the captivating world of cosplay.


Art + Nature: A Summer of Color & Creations 

Step into the vibrant world of Jamie Worden this summer at ‘Art & Nature,’ where creativity intertwines with the beauty of the great outdoors in a magnificent fusion of color and texture! Our camp offers an immersive experience where campers explore the wonders of nature under the guidance of Jamie Worden.

Explore the beauty of the great outdoors as you create stunning masterpieces using materials sourced straight from Mother Nature herself – from delicate flowers to intricate bee hives and vibrant leaves. Dive into the exciting world of printmaking with gelli plates, where campers will experiment with texture and color to create unique prints inspired by the surrounding landscape. Our camp offers a holistic learning experience, nurturing creativity and fostering a deep appreciation for the world around us. Let your imagination soar as you blend expression with the wonders of the natural world, and take home not just art, but a newfound connection to the beauty of nature. Join us for an unforgettable journey of creativity, exploration, and inspiration!

JUNE 17 – 21, 2024


Rhythm & Rhymes: A Musical Journey

Unleash the sound of summer at “Rhythm & Rhymes,” where Sam Sharpe invites young musicians to embark on a tuneful journey filled with a symphony of sounds! From the melodic chimes of Orff xylophones and metallophones to the rhythmic beats of elementary music drums, and the quirky tunes of kazoos, every child will find their musical voice. Whether tapping a cowbell or exploring the keys of a piano, Sam’s primary goal is to have students actively participating in music through a variety of playing and singing activities. Sam is thrilled to help campers discover their inner musicians, using instruments to enrich their experience.

While indoor sessions will be vibrant and energetic, Sam also hopes to take our music-making outdoors when the weather allows, blending natural inspiration with our joyful noises. Join “Rhythm & Rhymes” for a summer where music fills the air and every child can strike a chord and sing their heart out in an unforgettable ensemble of fun and learning!

Instruments provided by Popplers Music. 


Nature’s Palette: North Dakota Landscapes and Botanicals

Embark on a visual journey through North Dakota’s breathtaking landscapes with Megan Johnson at “Nature’s Palette,” where art and nature intertwine in an inspiring summer adventure. This camp offers young artists the unique opportunity to capture the essence of the region’s flora and picturesque vistas through botanical illustration and landscape painting. Campers will spend a special day devoted to outdoor painting and sketching, allowing them to draw inspiration directly from the natural world, enhancing their observational skills and artistic expression under Megan’s expert guidance. Megan’s approach encourages campers to explore a variety of mediums and techniques to vividly portray the beauty of local landscapes and plant life. This immersive experience not only fosters a deep appreciation for the environment but also equips students with the skills to render their natural surroundings with precision and creativity.

Whether it’s through the delicate details of a leaf or the sweeping expanse of a prairie, “Nature’s Palette” promises a summer filled with growth, discovery, and the joy of creating art en plein air. Join us for a creative exploration that celebrates the rich tapestry of North Dakota’s natural wonders. Megan’s approach encourages campers to explore a variety of mediums and techniques to vividly portray the beauty of local landscapes and plant life. This immersive experience not only fosters a deep appreciation for the environment but also equips students with the skills to render their natural surroundings with precision and creativity. 

JUNE 24 – 28, 2024


Wild Things Unleashed: Art Meets Theater

Dive into the imaginative world of “Where the Wild Things Are” with a unique camp experience led by Carrie Connell and Michelle Karst, blending the vibrant realms of art and theater to bring wild fantasies to life! This special camp will host 30 creative campers, engaging them in an integrated journey of drama and sculpture. Under the guidance of Michelle and Carrie, with thier rich backgrounds, campers will create dramatic “screamers” — expressive sculptures with wide-open mouths crafted from newspaper and plaster gauze, inspired by Dan Reeder’s “Simple Screamers.”

The adventure doesn’t stop at sculpture-making; it extends into the theater where campers will act out scenes from the beloved story “Where the Wild Things Are.” This holistic approach ensures that each child not only learns to craft intricate art pieces but also gains the confidence to perform on stage. To support their theatrical debut, Carrie and Michelle plan to incorporate theater flats and minimal yet impactful costuming, alongside papier-mâché masks and props made by the campers themselves. This cross-curricular effort aims to culminate in a final showcase where art and performance beautifully converge, allowing campers to display their creations and talent. Join us for a summer where every day is an opening night, and every creation tells a story!


Mosaic Magic

Join Molly McLain for a summer of vibrant color and imagination in “Mosaic Magic,” where campers transform a variety of simple materials into stunning mosaic creations. Throughout the week, Sarah will guide the young artists as they dive into the world of mosaics, drawing inspiration from their favorite summer memories and personal visions. Campers will work with an array of materials such as colored stones, beads, buttons, and other small, colorful objects to bring their artistic ideas to life. Safety and creativity are prioritized throughout the camp, with campers using safe materials like glue and easy-to-handle pieces to ensure a fun and secure artistic process.

Campers will learn techniques such as arranging and adhering materials to create unique mosaics on various surfaces. The week will culminate in a collaborative mural project, followed by an outdoor gallery exhibit on Friday where family and friends can admire the campers’ beautiful mosaic creations. “Mosaic Magic” is not just about crafting eye-catching mosaics—it’s about exploring the joy of artistic expression, building lasting memories, and celebrating each camper’s unique creativity!

JULY 8 – 12, 2024


Collage Creations: Crafting Summer Dreams

Join Lydia Welle for a summer of cutting, pasting, and dreaming in “Collage Creations,” where campers transform simple materials into spectacular works of art. This camp begins with each camper creating their own sketchbook, setting the stage for a week filled with personal expression and artistic exploration. From there, Lydia will guide the young artists as they dive into a world of collage, drawing inspiration from their very own summer bucket lists. Whether it’s the fierce competition of the Summer Olympics, the vibrant life of animal portraits, or other exciting themes the campers choose, the possibilities are as limitless as their imaginations.

Throughout the week, campers will utilize an array of materials such as magazines, cardstock, Mod Podge, beads, yarn, and even glitter glue to bring their visions to life. Safety and precision are key, so cutting mats, Exacto blades (with accompanying band-aids for safety!), and scissors will be on hand. The week will climax with a festive sidewalk decorating session using chalk, celebrating their creations before culminating in a pizza party and reception on Friday where family and friends can marvel at their artistic achievements. “Collage Creations” isn’t just about making art—it’s about creating memories that stick as firmly as the glue on their masterpieces!


From Sea to Shining Sea: Artwork Inspired by America & American Artists

Join Carrie Sapa for a summer celebration of American art and culture in **”From Sea to Shining Sea: Art Inspired by America & American Artists.”** Campers will embark on a patriotic journey, exploring the diverse landscapes, iconic symbols, and rich artistic traditions of the United States. Throughout the week, Carrie will guide campers as they draw inspiration from American artists and movements, spanning from traditional landscapes to contemporary pop art. From the majestic mountains to the bustling city streets, campers will have the opportunity to express their creativity in various media, including sculpture, painting, collage, and more. Campers will delve into the techniques and styles of renowned American artists, exploring everything from realism to abstraction. They will experiment with different materials and methods, honing their skills and discovering new forms of artistic expression.

Whether creating a sculpture of the Statue of Liberty, painting a vibrant cityscape inspired by New York City, or crafting a mixed-media collage celebrating American culture, campers will immerse themselves in the spirit of Americana. The week will culminate in an art exhibition showcasing the campers’ diverse interpretations of America’s beauty and vitality. Family and friends will have the opportunity to admire the campers’ artwork and celebrate their creative achievements. “From Sea to Shining Sea: Art Inspired by America & American Artists” is not just about creating art—it’s about embracing the rich tapestry of American identity, fostering creativity, and honoring the legacy of American artistry!

JULY 15 – 19, 2024


Word Wizards

Embark on an enchanting literary journey with “Word Wizards” led by Rhiannon Conley. Dive into the magical world of writing as we explore a different genre each day, from crafting compelling fiction to weaving evocative poetry and delving into captivating creative nonfiction. With Rhiannon’s expertise and guidance, budding writers will hone their storytelling skills and unlock their imaginations. Each day will be filled with engaging activities, including writing prompts, wonder walks, zine making, and word games, fostering creativity and inspiration. Campers will also enjoy age-appropriate research and reading activities, utilizing the resources of the Chester Fritz Library for exploration and discovery.

In the spirit of collaboration, we’ll blend visual arts and writing, creating collages, ekphrastic poetry, and erasure poetry inspired by the museum’s vibrant surroundings. Breaks for mindfulness, movement, and music will ensure a balanced and enriching experience. The week culminates in a grand open mic event, where campers can share their literary creations with pride and celebrate the power of storytelling. “Word Wizards” isn’t just about writing—it’s about unleashing creativity, building confidence, and fostering a lifelong love for the written word.


Canvas & Color: A Painter’s Playground

Welcome to “Canvas & Color,” a dynamic art camp led by Emily Dencker, where young artists are invited to dive into the vibrant world of painting. Emily, armed with her extensive palette of acrylic and watercolor paints, aims to inspire and educate campers through the expressive and versatile mediums of canvas and paper. Throughout the week, campers will explore the subtleties of watercolor techniques on high-quality watercolor paper and the bold, expressive possibilities of acrylics on canvas.

This painter’s playground is perfectly equipped with all the tools young artists need to unleash their creativity: brushes of all sizes, colorful markers, and colored pencils for detailed work, and even cardboard for crafting and mixed media projects. Each session is designed to not only develop technical skills but also to encourage personal expression and creativity. Whether your child is a budding artist or an experienced painter looking to refine their technique, “Canvas & Color” offers a nurturing environment to explore, create, and shine. Join Emily for a summer filled with color, creativity, and the joy of painting!

JULY 22 – 27, 2024



Threaded Tales: Yarn Painting and Fiber Arts

Step into the textured world of “Threaded Tales,” where Kassandra Gregoire weaves a summer camp filled with the beauty and versatility of yarn and fibers. This unique camp invites young artists to discover the intricate art of yarn painting and fiber crafts, using an array of materials like colorful yarns, ribbons, and looms. Under Kassandra’s expert guidance, campers will learn to manipulate these materials to create vibrant textile art that tells a story. Each participant will have access to individual kits containing Elmer’s glue, plastic containers customized with holes for dispensing yarn, sharpies for adding details, and various sizes of needles for sewing and weaving.

The camp environment is designed to inspire creativity and foster a sense of community among the campers as they explore the limitless possibilities of fiber arts. From creating their own loom-woven masterpieces to intricate yarn paintings that burst with color, campers will develop not only their artistic skills but also their ability to express themselves through the medium of textiles. Join Kassandra for “Threaded Tales” and spin your own summer story through the art of yarn and fibers!



Art Across Cultures: Creative Explorations

Embark on a global journey with Emma Schreiber in “Art Across Cultures,” a vibrant summer camp that celebrates the rich tapestry of the world’s traditions through art and storytelling. Emma introduces young campers to the colorful festivities of Indian and Chinese New Year celebrations, using children’s literature like Take Me to Laolao by Kelly Zhang and The Light Within You by Namita Mehra as gateways to these vibrant cultures. Each session begins with an engaging discussion about what culture means, encouraging students to explore and share their own cultural backgrounds.

Following the story time, campers will dive into themed crafts that reflect the traditions and symbols discussed in the books, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of each culture. If time permits, Emma encourages students to channel their newfound inspirations into writing their own stories, capturing their interpretations and reflections on the cultural elements they’ve explored. This camp not only fosters artistic skills but also cultivates empathy and global awareness, providing a space where young minds can learn, create, and appreciate the diversity of the world around them. Join Emma for a summer of learning, creativity, and cultural exploration in “Art Across Cultures.”