The Laurel Reuter Directors Fund

Laurel Reuter

Laurel Reuter kicked off the Director’s Fund with a gift of $100,000 to ensure the Museum thrives for generations to come.

Lannan Foundation

 First match with a $200,000 gift.  Established more than 60 years ago, Lannan Foundation is a distinguished advocate for the visual arts and seeks to advance cultural freedom, diversity, and creativity. In the early 2000s, Lannan Foundation supported the tour of The Disappeared, an exhibition Reuter curated that toured to South and Central America, and five sites in the US. Fully supporting Reuter’s vision, Lannan Foundation contributed $200,000 to the fund.  Click here to read the foundation’s letter of support for the Director’s Fund.

Dr. William F. Wosick

Dr. William Wosick has pledged to gift $1,000,000 over a ten-year time period. Each year, 50% will support the Museum’s general operating and 50% will be added to the Director’s Fund.

The Mulhollem Cravens Foundation
Carlisle, KY


Madelyne Camrud

Mike Jacobs and Suezette Bieri

James Rosenquist Foundation

Drs. Josh Wynne and Susan Farkus

Walter Piehl

Donated the proceeds of his painting ULAE Sweetheart of the Rodeo that sold during the 2022 Autumn Art Auction.

Dr. Julie Blehm

Kristen Eggerling and Paul Blomquist

David Hasbargen and Wayne Zimmerman

David and Mary Matson

Christophe and Margaret Wall-Romana

Luise Beringer

Bill Goldston

Donated the proceeds from the sale of Jasper Johns’ Target that sold during the 2022 Autumn Art Auction.

Ewa Tarsia

Donated all proceeds of the sale of Between Two Forests that sold during the 2022 Autumn Art Auction to the museum: 50% to the Director’s Fund and 50% to the Museum’s general operating.

Dennis and Joan Johnson

Sungyee Joh

Victoria and Michael Beard

Your name here

Your contribution is instrumental to ensure the continued success of the Museum and that arts are well-funded for future generations.

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Gifts of $1,000 or under (scroll for full list)

Martin Brown – $1,000
Frederick and Jody Burgum – $1,000
Linda Everson – $1,000
Donna Hastings and Jonathan Geiger – $1,000
Sue McNally – $1,000
Betty Monkman – $1,000
Cindy Phillips and Jan Jorgensen – $1,000
Patricia Sanborn – $1,000
Cankdeska Cikana Community College – $500
Keith Cohen and Roberta Paul – $500
Terry Evans – $500
John and Dodie Kostishack – $500
Lisa Lewis – $500
Susan and Brian Poykko – $500
Tim Schouten and Pat Hardy – $500

Lawrence Weschler – $350
Lynne Allen – $250
Irene and Reid Chambers – $250
Dr. & Mrs. Merwin Lyng – $250
Barbara Braathen Peterson and Ronald Peterson – $250
David and Cynthia Baumgardner – $200
Donna and Alexander Bott – $200
Elizabeth Farnsworth – $200
Remmington Zacher – $200
Patti Alleva – $115
Stanford and Ellen Erickson – $100
Julia Ernst – $100
Ronald A. Franz – $100
Marjorie Murray – $100
David and Anne Putbrese – $100
Bonnie Sobolik – $100
Joseph and Signe Stuart – $100
Boyd C Wermedahl Trust – $100
Michael Blake – $40
Laurel Badger – $25
Darin Kerr – $20
Joyce Ann Wicklund – $10



All donations and endowments are considered unrestricted unless othewise noted in writing at the time of gift.

* Please note, we prefer a check for amounts over $5000.

* $10,000 and higher (cumulative) donation and your name will be included on the Barton Benes Donor Wall.

Please contact the Museum at 701.777.4195. You may also mail donations in any amount to:

North Dakota Museum of Art
261 Centennial Drive Stop 7305
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58202 USA

*Donations to the annual fund are 100% tax-deductible and do not qualify as a membership gift or renewal.