Marking the Land: Jim Dow in North Dakota


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Hardcover and Softcover. 224 pages. Edited with an essay by Laurel Reuter. Photographs and narrative by Jim Dow. Published by the North Dakota Museum of Art and the Center for American Places, 2007.


The demanding frontier life of My Ántonia or Little House on the Prairie may be long gone, but the idyllic small town still exists as a cherished icon of American community life. Yet sprawl and urban density, rather than small towns and farms, are the predominant features of our modern society, agribusiness and other commercial forces have rapidly taken over family farms and ranches, and even the open spaces we think of as natural retreats only retain the barest façade of their former frontier austerity. The fading communities, social upheaval, and enduring heritage of the Northern Plains are the subject of Jim Dow’s Marking the Land, a stirring photographic tribute to the complex and unyielding landscape of North Dakota.

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