Chris Pancoe: Blue Ice

April 6 – August 1, 2023


Opening Reception is Thursday, April 6, at 6 pm.
Chris Pancoe will lead an informal gallery talk.

“Blue ice equals strong and safe ice and the green light for mini temporary villages to form on our frozen rivers and lakes. In this mixed media body of work, I pay homage to the ephemeral time when jerry-built huts, dreams of warm fish fries and camaraderie between short-term neighbors emerge.” – Chris Pancoe

This is the eighth exhibition in the “Art Makers Series” underwritten by Dr. William F. Wosick of Fargo, ND. Because few professional opportunities are available for artists from the region, the program spotlights artists who reside and work here. The Museum Staff selects artists who seem on the edge of a breakthrough in their work. They are often at a juncture in their artistic careers where a “leg up” could invigorate, revitalize, or change the course of their art.

Artist Bio

Chris Pancoe is a multimedia artist, with a penchant for working with clay, wood, snow and ice. Because of his diverse art background and eclectic skill set, he is often contracted to fabricate and/or design various projects that your average builder would be afraid to take on. After a 10+ year tenure at The University of Manitoba as the Sculpture and Ceramic Technician, Chris is the now the Artistic Director and Co-owner of Anvil Tree, Winnipeg’s newest design, build and art fabrication company. When he’s not at work, he can be found in his studio feeding Gronk his woodstove, fixing broken items, making art and drinking coffee or a malt beverage out of a handmade mug.

Installation Images

Chris Pancoe, Auger House 2, 2019.
Ceramic, Mixed Media. Detail shot.

Chris Pancoe, Auger House 2, 2019.
Ceramic, Mixed Media.

Chris Pancoe, Red Snow Machine, 2023.
Ceramic, Mixed Media.