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Our Shop carries two variations of these beautiful tea towels. Pick between high quality linen tea towels from all corners of Europe, or beautiful Monahan Papers designed swan or peony tea towels. Textile trade magazine Weaving Today, tea towels are have originated in 18th-century England, where "the lady of the household would use them to dry fine china and delicate tea sets, jobs that were considered too important to trust to potentially clumsy servants." They were also often used as a way for said "ladies" to show their embroidery skills. By the 19th century and early-mid 20th century, a glass towel or dish towel would likely have been a striped or checked cloth so that it was decorative as well as useful. These days, they come in all manner of adorable designs, like what we rounded up here.

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Monahan Papers Tea Towels: Swan with Blue Flowers, Monahan Papers Tea Towels: Swan with Butterflies, Monahan Papers Tea Towels: Two Swans, Monahan Papers Tea Towels: Striped Peony, Monahan Papers Tea Towels: Light Pink Peony, European Tea Towels: Blue and White Pattern, Cotton Towels: Olive with Purple Flowers, Linen Towels: Cream and Taupe, Linen Towels: Cream, Linen Towels: Taupe