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The high contrast animal design will make sure baby loves these blocks from day one! The blocks are for visual stimulation, stacking, and piecing together. Use as a visual tool when young, and when baby is ready to explore, the blocks will help improve motor skills, and eventually solve a simple puzzle. Fun and developmentally appropriate for babies from birth to 4 years old.

The GROW set includes an inquisitive owl, a silly hamster, a smiling star, a sweet raccoon, a friendly fox, and the letters G-R-O-W.

The PLAY set includes an inquisitive bear, a sweet seal, a smiling heart, a precious bunny, a friendly penguin, and the letters P-L-A-Y.

The WILD set includes a sweet lion, a smiling sun, an wide-eyed toucan, a busy elephant, a curious cheetah, and the letters W-I-L-D.

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Grow Set, Play Set, Wild Set