Pure War By John Rogers

May 19th – August 15th 2019


Rogers’ work explores the American obsession with acceleration, aggression, and adrenal pursuits. Created from a mix of hard and soft materials, the sculptures range from fantastic creatures made of decommissioned firearms to intimate textile maps of abandoned missile silos.

Rogers grew up in Grand Forks where his father, the late John H. Rogers, was the much beloved founding Dean of the College of Fine Arts. He currently resides in Oakland, CA where he makes a living making high-end architectural ironwork.

Installation Images

John Roger, Critters, Musician Version, 2019.
Steel, Copper,  approx. 12″ tall.

John Roger, Critters, Assault Version, 2019.
Steel, Copper, approx. 12′ tall.

Individual Sponsors

Jackie and Tom McElroy Edwards

Eunice and Pete Kuhn