Visions of Home

January 12 – April 1, 2018

 Home is where we live and for most of us the place where we are most comfortable. Home is home.

Beyond home is everywhere else. Or is home something we carry in our heads that has less to do with place and more with feelings evoked by thoughts of home? Are we really imagining a house sheltered by a golden roof and hidden within beautiful nature? (Image of Tokio nearby replacing trumpeter swan)

Recently the North Dakota Museum of Art toured the exhibition Beyond Home, which brought together artwork from ten foreign countries together coupled with art by three Americans about life in other countries.

Next the Museum is looking inward in the exhibition Visions of Home, which focuses on North Dakota. These artists use visual language (art) to document or probe our human experiences of living in this place, these Northern Plains, under this North Dakota sky.

This work in Visions of Home is drawn equally from the North Dakota Museum of Art’s permanent collection and from artists. Paintings, videos, prints, photographs, sculpture, crafts, and watercolors will flesh out the themes of this place. Historic and contemporary art will include Jim Dow’s photographs of North Dakota landmarks, key Grand Forks 1997 flood photographs, paintings by Walter Piehl, David Krueger, and Todd Hebert, Carol Hepper’s rawhide tipi sculptures, the finely executed crafts of making horse tack, plus a traditional Horse Stick by Butch Thunder Hawk, and much more.

The show is currently on display at the North Dakota Museum of Art before beginning the statewide tour. Visions of Home will be available to tour beginning April 1, 2018.

Installation Images

Rebecca Norris Webb, Blackbirds, 20×30-inch.

Chromogenic Print

Tim Schouten, Tokio: Where Laurel Grew Up (Under the Devil’s Heart), 2011.

Acrylic and Gold Leaf On Handmade Paper, 16 X 20 Inches.

Rebecca Norris Webb, Storm Light, 2012.

Type C Archival Digital Print, 14.5 X 22 Inches.

John Stennes, The Red’s New Toys, 1997.

Color Photograph (Dye Sublimation Transfer Process), 11 X 16 Inches.